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Are You Guilty of Any of These Seven BBQ Mistakes?

Avoiding these BBQ mistakes will ensure better results

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Just a few simple BBQ mistakes can keep you from getting great results. We've made a list of the top BBQ mistakes that you can easily fix and hopefully improve you're cooking quite a bit!

Common BBQ Mistakes

1. An early BBQ mistake is not starting with meat that is totally thawed. If it's still slightly frozen in the middle, your meat will end up undercooked. Because of the low temperatures in the middle, your meat will look perfect on the outside and still be too raw inside.

2. Try to avoid lighter fluid if you are cooking on a charcoal grill. The chemical flavor will really change the taste of your food. Instead, use an electric starter or a chimney. You'll be able to tell a big difference right away.

3. The next big BBQ mistake is when you put your meat on. It's important to cook at the right temperature. Hot and fast is not best for BBQ. To get the best smoke flavor and tender meat, it's best to cook long and slow. Except for steaks that need searing, medium heat is best.

Did you know... Kansas City hosted the world's largest barbecue in 1975. An enormous pit was dug just for the event and they roasted five bulls. It took three days and took three teams of BBQ masters.

Even more BBQ Mistakes!

4. If you are using specialty wood, make sure it's aged. Using green wood will leave a bitter creosote coating on all your meat -- very unappetizing!

5. Put the lid down and leave it alone! A common BBQ mistake is to keep lifting the lid to check the meat. Every time you open the lid, you drop the temperature in your grill. Relax. It's not going anywhere.

6. If you use sauces or mops while your meat is on the grill, make sure it does not contain any sugar. Sugar burns at a low temperature and will burn onto the meat. Also unappetizing.

7. The last BBQ mistake is to use the same plate or platter to carry the food back into the house. This is a food safety issue -- nothing like food poisoning to ruin a party! Always use a clean platter.

Conquer these BBQ mistakes and you're on your way to expert status!

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